Hewitt Boat Lifts

We selected the Hewitt BoatPort as the first lift installed in our marina for our personal boat in 2006. We did extensive research trying out Hydrohoist, FiberSteel, and many lesser known brands. The Hewitt has a patented feature with the stabilization arm that protects the dock and your lift. We were moving from a FiberSteel at our residential dock and thought we would be disappointed with the “drive on” nature of the Hewitt BoatPort. Quite the opposite, we loved the ability to drive on the lift without ever having to touch the dock or the boat. With the FiberSteel, we had to jump out of the boat to the dock and hold the boat in place while the lift came up under the boat. With the Hewitt BoatPort, we simply “beached” the boat on the lift similar to pulling a boat onto the trailer at the ramp. The bow of the boat was protected from hitting the head pier by the boat lift. It was awesome and easy for a single boater to dock the boat in any kind of conditions or weather. After the FiberSteel, we quickly adopted the Hewitt BoatPort as the only lift we would allow to be installed at Rockingham Marina.

The problem with Hydrohoist and their many clones is the side by side tanks. Inevitably, one of the tanks ends up with more lift and the lift sits sideways. It just doesn’t look right. If you do decide on a lift like the Hydrohoist, we can recommend a FiberSteel dealer for you. FiberSteel uses front and rear tanks like the Hewitt and is much easier to maintain

When our Hewitt dealer moved on to other ventures, we were able to get the Hewitt dealership for our area in 2008. While Hewitt has a good design for floating lifts (stay away from their docks), as a dealer for 6 years we were able to experience first hand quality and customer service issues that caused termination of our dealership relationship with Hewitt in 2013. While we specialize in the BoatPort type lifts, we can install and repair all types of boat lifts. We have manufacturer relationships with multiple suppliers and also manufacture our own components.

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